"Access Denied"??? Why can't I access the KNIME official websites?

In the KNIME official website, I cann't access many useful link when I look for solution to a prolem that others may also meet with. Do you know how it feels when you almost find the answer but you just have no right to access the pages? 

Hi Edward,

this sounds bad, which pages do you want to acces, could you give me any link?

We have some internal only section on the webpage and others for commercial customers only. Maybe you stumpled over one of them.

Cheers, Iris

Thank you all the same! I have solved the problem. Anyway, I think it's unfriendly for an

usual user if they can't get the information of an open-source program. 

Since the spirit of open source is important to you, please do respond with the addresses of the pages you couldn't access, so that the KNIME team can improve the website for everyone ;-)