Access Password Protected Excel Files

Is there any way that Knime can access and upload data from password protected excel files in nodes such as Excel Reader or CSV Reader?

Hi @cjwalters18,

Currently reading password protected excel files is not possible within KNIME.


Don’t expect too much from Excel Reader or CSV Reader, their task is just to make it easier to browse existing files. The correct logical order is: unlock password-protected Excel > Browse the file using Excel Reader or CSV Reader.

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@AllisonE, @amartin

I built a workflow with Python module msoffcrypto-tool that can open a password-protected Excel files and then read them into KNIME


Yes, you can access and upload data from encrypted excel file to nodes like Excel reader or CSV reader. But for doing this firstly you have to unlock password protected Excel file.

If you don’t have any idea how to unlock encrypted Excel workbook then I can help you out.

Well there are various ways to unlock Excel file password, here are the options:

  • Using the Excel’s unprotect sheet feature
  • modifying the File Extension
  • Using online Excel password remover tool

To get detailed information on how to use these options, check this informative post on:
How To Unlock Password Protected Excel File

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As for as i know MS Excel Password Recovery Master is able to crack password protected Excel File on your computer,you can easily get it from Google.

with KNIME Analytics Platform 4.4 (which will be released this summer) the Excel Reader will support reading password protected files (internal ticket number ist AP-13961).
This is already implemented and available in the nightly build. Once you have installed the nightly build configure the Excel Reader as always and then go to the Encryption tab to enter the password.
Let us know if you encounter any problems with it.


I hate CSV Reade because it didn’t help me solve this problem very well. It ran on my computer for more than half an hour and then it stopped and got stuck. I restarted it twice but still no improvement, both After running for 30 minutes, I can’t continue to work.

Hello @Gonana,

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This is topic abut reading password protected Excel files. Are you using CSV Reader node to read such files or you are encountering some other issues with it?



Hi all,

with the latest release of version 4.4, the Excel Reader supports reading password protected files. Thanks for all the feedback!