Access to data for example workflow of sentiment analysis


I recently started working with KNIME and I wanted to use an example workflow of sentiment analysis under To get the data I downloaded the Slashdot original XML files collection provided on that site. The example uses a table reader, so I took the Sdml Document Parser for XML files and entered the path. However, there are no documents shown in the output table. If I try another way to get the data, for example the link provided on, I cannot proceed because my antivirus program warns me about a virus on that site.

I would be very grateful if somebody could give me a tip on how to solve that problem!

Hi Penelope,

the SDML Parser is the wrong node here. This node is only useful if you have documents that are SDML formatted (which is rarely the case). The Slashdot data set consist of a .table file. To read the data in KNIME use the Table Reader. The output table consists of some string columns which can be converted into documents with the Strings to Document node. After that node you can start using the nodes of the Textprocessing extension.

On that site is not virus, no worries. It seems that your anti virus is a bit strict ito JavaScript.

Cheers, Kilian

Hi Kilian!

Thanks for your help!! It works now!