Access to Knime development server


Has anyone have access to a KNIME public server where I can deploy workflows and test. Also, I need to invoke some APIs against his server workflows.

Is this a public server one can add workflows for testing.

Please suggest





You can set up your own on Azure:

Looks like the one suggested is not a free one. I am looking for a free/public server where I can do a quick deploy/test.

Is  not a free server? Who owns this? Anyone know?

You will probably not find that. The publicserver is owned by, as the domain states.

Hi Sreyams

I am sorry but we do not offer a free public server. 

What would you like to test? The usage of the Server?

As Philipp mentioned, using a cloud server for this is a very cast and convenient solution.

If you are however interested in a temporary licence for your own installation, feel free to send us a message to

Best wishes. Iris