Accessibility for handicapped colleagues


Working for a larger company, we need to review software according to its accessibility for disadvantaged people, i.e., (color-)blind, keyboard usage vs. mouse etc.

Is there a guide for this, e.g., what settings to use when I have a limited ability to use the mouse or so?
I would be curious if something like this already exists or is planned? Also with respect to the new UI?


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@Residentstiefel there has been a debate about this before. I have seen (older) evaluations of KNIME where a lot of functions could be done by shortcuts.

I am not aware of any ‘recommended’ settings or default themes. What I see in the version 4.7.1 are these settings that might help:

Font settings in appearance:


It might be an idea to develop a collection of settings or a guide that would provide some sort of standard for using KNIME with no/few mouse interaction.


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