Accessing Custom Segments in Google API



I have setup various custom segments in Google Analytics, but when I try and access them in KNIME I cannot see them - I can only see the basic segments.


I have the servioce account email setup via my Google profile, and I have the API connector set to In terms of the service account permissions these are set to Manage Users, Colaborate and Edit for the relevant UA, but I still cannot see my Custom segments.


Is there something I'm missing here?






Hi Jon,

you are right the custom segments don't seem to be reported by the Google Analytics Management API and therefore don't show up in the dialog.

What you could do is build a dynamic segment in the dialog for examle: "browser==Chrome;operatingSystem==Windows".

I hope this helps you,



I try to use the Google Analytics Query node. 

Unfortunately, when I use the segment option (with a custom segement), I receive a “400” code.

This is because the query is formatted as a “dynamic segment”, but “dynamic segments” are no more supported by the reporting API

Instead we use 2 ways to format the “segment" part of the query:

  1. Almost the same as de dynamic segment : sessions::condition::ga:pagePath=~(^\/(fr|nl)\/become\-customer\/step1\-identification);condition::!ga:pagePath=~^\/(fr|nl)\/login$
  2. Use the segment id: gaid::85UtqPIRTlCbGzyUeJ7K6Q

Also, in the segment list we can only retrieve “Built-in” segments but not the “Custom” segments.

A good reference is the Google Analytics API query Explorer :, where the segment box is really flexible.

This source could also help:

My problem is that I don’t know who is in charge of this node, and I’m not a developer.

As a Digital analyst, working without Custom segment is impossible :-/

Who could help me? 

Many Thanks in advance.



coming back to this topic as I also encountered the same issue and, by using the segment ID, I was also not able to use custom segments. The GA API got updated several times in the past. Would be great if the provider could update the GA Knime node … maybe a kickstarter campaign wuld help to collect the funds for the work?



Although we have this on our list, I cannot tell you when it is going to be implemented. If you are interested in sponsoring some of our development - something we greatly appreciate - we would be happy if you contact us!