Accessing huge Microsoft Access DB


I am using the standard MS-Access Node to for a MS-Access-DB. This database is quite huge (approx. 2GByte). When executing this node, it get’s not finished. Any hints how to deal with big MS-Access-databases?



I would use


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If I got you right you have problem establishing connection with database, haven’t you? If that is the case database size doesn’t play a role in it as far as I understand the process. (And 2 GBs is not huge for database in my opinion).

Is there anything specific about this database? You can also check your log file. Maybe there is more info. From within KNIME go View--> Open KNIME log. Prior to that you can set you log level to DEBUG. From within KNIME go File --> Preferences --> KNIME.


I experienced problems with 2 GB MS Access databases. When they reached a certain volume they just stopped responding or do anything at all. No warning nothing. That seems to stem from the time of 32 Bit systems but still is in force today.

And keep in mind the DB would also need some room for temporary operations and stuff.

The only workaround was to split the database into several files (which is not very elegant). So it might not be a problem related to KNIME.


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So it is size related…

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