Accessing local MinIO

Hello all.

Has anybody found a way to use the AWS components with a local MinIO server? We’re using it as a local S3 replacement due to security requirements, but the Amazon Authentication node won’t allow to use individual IP addresses. I can use it with Python, but would prefer a codeless approach…


Hi @smeier_ch,

Thanks for posting here. I haven’t tried the MinIO server personally, but if you want to try a codeless approach you could try using the REST Nodes to make the API calls directly instead of the Amazon specific nodes.

Wali Khan

Hi @smeier_ch,

right now there is no way to use the AWS connector nodes I guess.

What special things do you need to set in your python snippet compared to a normal S3 connection? Only the endpoint? What authentication credentials are you using, access and secret key?


Hi Sascha.

There are no special things, except a different IP address. MinIO can be accessed with the standard Boto3 library. Normal credentials (access, secret). With a python node I actually just make a download of a source file (or all files in a bucket) and proceed with this/these file(s).
I know several companies here in Switzerland where MinIO (or Cloudian…) is used as on premise S3 alternative to AWS.
Just a guess: if it would be possible to enter a individual IP address/URL instead of the predefined regions it should connect directly…?