Accessing the content of a table inside Knime


Sometimes to configure nodes (e.g. engine ruler) I am inserting values manually, once I couldn't access a cell content (as in Excel by double click or F2).  

Some values I am handling were created inside Knime, so I don't have it in outside tables to copy and paste.

Is there any way to access the content of a cell/table inside Knime?



Yes, this is easy to do.

Connect up the Interactive Table view node and then run the node, right click on node and choose View Table View. Now just drag over the section to copy, and do the standard Copy (Ctrl+C) and Paste (Ctrl+V).

This only works with KNIME 2.5 and above.


Thanks for the hint - unfortunately there does not seem to be a way to copy the header cells.  You can export to csv but ....


Thanks for information. Besides the use "Interactive Table view",  I could copy+paste data from any Knime table, what is great!