Accessing the Value of a Cell with a Date

Good evening, everyone,

I am currently working on an extension that allows you to create a Java object from a table and then process it with Drools.
Unfortunately I am not able to process columns with a date.

If I get the type of the column displayed it is “LocalDateTimeCell”. However, I am not able to import this Java class and access it afterwards.

thanks a lot

Hi @felix17,

can you make sure you have org.knime.time declared as a dependency in your plugin’s MANIFEST.MF file. Then you can both view the class and access it’s data. Please use the LocalDateTimeValue interface instead of the LocalDateTimeCell, as this allows you to cover all compatible cell types as well.

Bonus tip, if you open the Plug-ins view in eclipse and press the button shown in the screenshot, you will be able to locate types which are not explicit dependencies of the projects in your workspace via the “Open Type” (CTRL + SHIFT + T) menu. This makes it much easier to find the plugin you need to add as dependency.



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