Accidental Deleted Workflow Group with Autosave


I was wondering if there was a way to recover a workspace that was accidentally deleted. I had autosave on at the time through Knime but now do not see a way to recover it. I did not delete the actual workflow but just the workspace that it was housed in. I do not see the file in my trashbin.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I also saw that system restore might help?? Not sure if that is the right fix here.

Thanks so much!

@alyholland welcome to the KNIME forum - on backup and recovery I can offer these things. KNIME (desktop) unlike the KNIME Business Hub (server) does not have an undelete function or trash bin. So when you delete something you will have to rely on your system to restore the file if necessary. There were ideas about introducing such a function to the desktop but they are not there yet. If the workflow is absolutely essential you should stop all activities on the system immediately and seek professional help.

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