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I am trying to use an account mapping to display correct categories on my Profit and Loss Statement. The situation is that my accounts are 8 digits and the Account mapping is done by account group.

For example:


Since the mapping is done that way, I can’t do a simple VLOOKUP and solve it. Maybe there is a way in excel but was wondering if there is a way in Knime that I can complete the task.

I have included below a sample of accounts and also the mapping.

Account Mapping.knwf (23.5 KB)

Thanks in advance for the support.

Its not clear what you’re trying to map. Also your screenshot doesn’t match the data in your tables. Could you please explain further and if possible provide a few manually constructed examples of the expected results?

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Hi rfeigel,

Of course. Here is the visual of the desired outcome.

I also updated the tables to reflect the image above.

Account Mapping.knwf (10.5 KB)

As you can see, my accounts are 8 digits. But the mapping is at a group account level which could be from 3 up to 5 digits as you see above.

For example in the column Account Group you have 6010 defined as “Other External 1” This means that all accounts from 60100000 to 60109999 are supposed to be mapped as “Other External 1” and this sequence repeats on all.

Thanks for taking a look and hopefully is better explained this time. If you have additional questions let me know.

hi @lazaronewhall17
i’m not sure if this is the proper/right way to approach the mapping, just to share my thoughts. maybe other team members have different and robust ideas/methods to solve the issues.
KNIME_map_MM.knwf (133.0 KB)



Good afternoon marzukim,

There might be other ways but this one work perfectly :slight_smile: Exactly what I needed. The workflow is mapping the accounts perfectly. Thanks so much for providing the solution.


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