Accounting Management

This workflow collects the expenses, reported monthly from a single Excel file, into a Global Accounting file for use by an Accounting Manager. A pdf report is prepared with the total refunds due to each employee for each month. The Send Email node could be used to send pdf reports directly to Administration manager. The workflow follows this folder hierarchy: Year -> Months collects all the Excel file archived in the Months subfolder and appends the resulting table to a Global Excel file located in the "Year" folder. For this example, the Excel files are located in the workflow.file/data/accounting/2019 and months subfolders. For production use: set flow variable in "Retrieve Excel Files" metanode as follows: In the "Move file to Processed status" metanode, change the settings of the "Copy/move files" node from "Copy" to "Move". In addition to this, the expenses are reorganized in order to prepare a monthly PDF report which is sent via e-mail - there fore the Send Email node needs to be configured respectively. This workflow was developed by S-IN Soluzioni Informatiche

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