Actian Dataflow for Knime 5.1.0

Does anyone happen to know when Actian are updating their Nodes to the latest version of Knime, or if there is a way to run the older Nodes on the 5.1.0 Analytics Platform?

Hi @salja03 -

This extension is quite old at this point, and I don’t believe is being actively maintained by Actian any more. It requires KNIME 2.12 or earlier (!) as stated here. (See posts below for more recent info)

KNIME has added lots of new features since 2.12. Maybe you can describe what you’re trying to do, and we can figure out a way to help using native nodes?

They have actually released through to 4.7.5, but no further as yet. I suspect that page is a long way out of date…

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Hi @salja03,

I have never heard of them. What is their update site? Maybe there is a way to reach out to them?


The extension seems to be actively maintained:

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