Actian DataFlow nodes update in progress


In the past I have had tremendous use of the Actian DataFlow Nodes for Knime but they have not been working for quite some time. Version does not work with Knime 3.7.2.

For example, when trying to read a CSV file with the Delimited Text Reader node, the configuration procedure works fine and the preview looks OK, but when executing the node the following error message appears:

ERROR Delimited Text Reader 0:568 Caught “AbstractMethodError”: Method com/pervasive/datarush/knime/core/framework/internal/PortObjectPeers$PhysicalRecordPortObjectPeer.putIntoTableRepository(Lorg/knime/core/node/workflow/WorkflowDataRepository;)V is abstract.

Can we anticipate an update of the Knime nodes soon?

Kind regards/Evert

Matthew Rendell (Customer) (Customer)

Hi Evert,

Thanks a million for your question and apologises for the issues you’ve been having. Unfortunately right now DataFlow operators are only supported using KNIME 3.1.2 :neutral_face:

Good news though! :smiley: Our DataFlow engineers are currently working on supporting the latest version of KNIME so please look out for notifications about this over the coming weeks.

Thank you for your patience and continued support for DataFlow. It’s great to hear that you’ve had such a good experience using DataFlow - it is a great product!

Have a great weekend.

Kind regards



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