Active Directory authentication for Teams in Business Hub?

Hi everyone,

Wit the KNIME Server, we use AD groups to give a license spot to our users. Adding users in a specific AD group allows them to log in to our Server as users.

Is there a way to achieve the same for the Business Hub? Something like being able to link AD groups to specific Teams? So that when a user is added to an AD group, that user is also part of a team (and a license is automatically granted?).

I have investigated a bit, and to my knowledge this doesn’t seem to be possible. With the Business Hub, the user first needs to log in at least one time as a consumer, and then the Team admin needs to add the user in a specific Team. Only then that user is using a license.

This new approach requires more manual actions than before. With the KNIME Server, we had the license granting process fully automized.

Is there any way to implement this? Will it be possible in the future? Any workaround / best practice recommendation?

What I understand from the guide, is that it is possible to Expose external groups inside Business Hub, but only for sharing Data Apps.

Thank you.

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Hi @misterhd,

Currently there is no feature to automatically assign users to teams based on their AD groups. However, this is a feature we’re looking into.

We would be happy to hear of your concrete use cases and discuss options going forward. Please feel free to reach out to us via email directly, ideally referencing this thread.

Kind regards

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