Adapt several files in the same way

Good Morning,

I have several files in one folder. All this files should be adapted in the same way.
–> delete row 1 and 3
–> delete column A

Is there a way to do this with all the files in that folder without using excel reader node per each file?

Thank you in advance for your support.


Hi @daniela02

are you asking for excel files or other file type?
But in general to manipulate files you always first have to read the data before you can manipulate it.


Hi Hermann,
yes they are excel files. Is there no way to say use all Excel-files in a special folder and manipulate them as I would like?

Thank you.

Hi Daniela,
the only thing you could do is to use the List Files node and loop over the excel files, manipulate them and write them as new excel files in a seperate folder to keep the original files as is.


Hi there @daniela02,

with KNIME you have to read Excel data in order to manipulate with it. Unless you wanna use Python which probably can manage this somehow.

Why does it present a problem to use Excel reader in a loop with 2 additional nodes to achieve what you want?


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