add a column to a table and automatically pre-fill this?

I am struggling around and didnt get the right idea how to:

I am only like to add automatically a column to an existing table and fill this column
with the same customer number for all rows that existing in this table.

which node I have to use for this?

thanks a lot for help


@pachwi welcome to the knime forum.

You can add a constant value to all rows with the Constant Value Column – KNIME Hub


wow ! how cool!
thanks a lot. I tried “all” other nodes… and I was wrong…
now it is easy!

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Hi pachwi

In the case the value you want is not constant, and it is coming from another branch of the workflow
or variable , (date of execution, for ex) .
It can be solved by adding the value with the column a apender + missing values tool as bellow


Hi Adrix,
ah - that sounds interesting!
And you are moving me to other ideas how to manage this.



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