Add a new Row with DATA to an existing Table based on cell values

Hello since I am relatively new to KNIME i would ask for your help. I have a table were additional rows with values should be added based on a search. It should look like:

The logic should check if the NAME has the value “8C” if yes then nothing should happen. If the value “8C” is not existing a row should be added with the NAME of that row together with a default “sting” under WERT2 as shown in red in the second screenshot.


So the logic should check if a NAME has a certain value and if not a new row should be added with that value.

I hope this is understandable.

Thanks for your support.

I would do following:

  1. Pivot your table:
    Group: Name
    Pivot: Wert1
    Agg: Wert2 “first”
  2. Missing Value Node => add “string” to missing values in Column 8C
  3. Unpivot Table to get the original shape of your table
    Value Columns: 3I … 8C
    Retained Columns: Name
  4. Rename Columns if needed

Hi @Saltan ,
I’ve tried a different way
This is my test table
This is the result

Here’s my workflow
KNIME_temp.knwf (17.0 KB)
I’ve left “NEW” to make the process clearer

I would split the rows, use rule engine 2 times for one output and concatenate back together

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