Add an Image to a KNIME Data App

Hey everyone,

I am trying to create a learning app.

The idea is to have a folder with images where each image represents a question. The images are named as “questionnumber.png”. Additionally, I have an Excel file with two columns: the question number and the correct answer.

In my learning app, I want to randomly select a question, display the corresponding image in the Data App, enter my answer, and then click a button to show the correct answer. After that, a “Next” button will load the next question. During this process, I want to collect my answers in a table to analyze which questions I struggle with the most.

Everything is working perfectly so far, except I am unable to load my images in a readable format into the Data App. Is there a way to achieve this?

Thank you very much in advance.

Hello @Robinvm
It isn’t clear from your description if your png files are stored in a drive… or they are already loaded into into the KNIME workflow; within a table or in an output port image.

Your first task should be to incorporate them into a table: ‘Image Reader’, ‘Image to table’ (from image port) …

Once the images are incorporated into a table as Image format; two options are ‘Tile View (Java Script)’ or ‘Table View’. You have few examples in JKI S03 CH07 from two weekly challenges ago.