Add an option to String to Date&Time node to allow case-insensitive conversion

Can the String to Date&Time node be given the option to be case-insensitive?

There have been several posts asking how to convert dates where the problem is that the month is all capitals. For example, it should ideally be possible to parse a date such as 12DEC22 without having to perform String Manipulation to first adjust the case of the month. See…

In that post, I refer to the Parse Date&Time component I have uploaded to the hub which uses the Java Snippet to perform case-insensitive date parsing. This makes use of the following java to remove case-sensitivity:

DateTimeFormatterBuilder dtfb = new DateTimeFormatterBuilder();
DateTimeFormatter formatter = dtfb.parseCaseInsensitive()

It would be great if the standard String to Date&Time node to be adapted to do something similar to this as well, or at least have the configurable option to be case-insensitive.

Making it case-insensitive would also improve usability where different locales have different requirements. For example, a recently adopted java change meant that some locales expect AM/PM in times to be capitals, whereas others expect it as am/pm. This currently just leads to user-confusion which could hopefully be avoided.

I note that this did get mentioned here:

but the link referenced appears to be old and doesn’t work for me