Add AUC parameter in cross-validation


I have this workflow:

I would like to add the AUC parameter with the other accuracy statistics parameters. How can I do that with that workflow?

I know I can use after the H2O Predictor the H2O Frame to Table node and then use the ROC curve node to calculate the AUC parameter with the obtained predictions. But I would like to get in the GroupBy node also the mean of AUC for the different iterations (as I have obtained for the other statistics parameters). How can I get the mean of AUC parameter?

Thank you in advance,
Helena Fortuny

I’ve already had an answer to my question!

Thank you anyway!

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Glad that you were able to figure it out (and that you are exploring the use of the H2O nodes further)! Thanks for posting your solution so that others can benefit in the future :slight_smile:

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