Add entry to context menu of node without View opening

Hi everyone,

is there a way to add an entry to the Node’s context menu (on right-click) without registering it as a
I don’t want a View because I somehow cannot get rid of the Window that is automatically opening.
(If there is a way to programmatically close that View right away, it would be hacky but fine with me, too).

I only found old non-answered questions:

Cheers and thanks,

Hi Julianus,

from experience the NodeDialogPane if I recall correctly and most of the KNIME classes are final thus I am pretty sure that is not possible. Would an extra tab in the settings dialog work for you?


Hi Miguel,

thanks for the suggestion but unfortunately that won’t work.
What I would like to do is to execute a piece of code, like opening an external viewer, once a user Right-clicks on an executed node and selects a certain entry from the dropdown menu (you can get such an entry by registering a View but this View is unfortunately always associated with opening a new unnecessary window.


You may want to look into WorkflowContextMenuProvider. Sorry I cannot help you more. I am busy.