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hi dear form user

I am new to knime platform and data science. ı usually work on colab or jupyter notebook I want to add an image to the workflow this picture belongs to the relations between the tables. is it possible ?

thanks for giving advice dear form user

for example

I want to add a picture and write under it like this

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Hi @BerkayAkar and welcome!

Unfortunately I don’t think there is currently a way to add images directly to workflows.

I have wanted to do this myself as I think it would be a useful mechanism for providing documentation and I am quite a visual person myself so often like to document using diagrams.

Looking at the following from April '20, it has been raised I believe as a “feature request” Adding an image to my knime platform process?

In the meantime, one suggestion I have which may be of use (although not specifically what you want) is that if you have any diagrams relating to the workflow, and you are able to make them available on a shared webserver, for example, then you could add a link to the image address in the workflow documentation (description) panel.

Then at least if you click on the workflow background, you can then get quick access to diagrams (via the “Description” panel, if you leave it visible), even if they aren’t visible directly in the workflow


thank you sir for giving your advice ı m try it have a nice day

thank you sir for giving your advice ı m trying your advice .have a nice day

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Hello @BerkayAkar,

and welcome to KNIME Community! Have added +1 in corresponding ticket mentioned in above linked topic. Stay tuned!



sure sir ı added +1 this ansver

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