Add Mongodb driver in preference

when I try to add Mongo DB driver from File->preference->databases->add, I select a driver file which looks like Mongo db’s driver with name of “mongodb-driver-legacy-4.0.2.jar” from Knime plugin folder.

However, Driver class cannot be recognized.

anyone knows how to add Mongo DB driver in Knime?

Have you tried using the native mondodb nodes in KNIME? KNIME MongoDB Integration – KNIME Hub

Or is there a specific reason you want to use the drivers instead?


Hi Victor,

thanks for reply.

I read though the document “Knime database extension guide”. My initial understanding is for specific DB connector nodes, users need to register the DB driver first before using them.

For the native mongodb nodes in Knime, the step can be skipped and user can use the nodes directly?

if this is true, it is good.

Yes, just to clarify: If you want to use a DB that KNIME does not offer natively, then you should use the drivers. If KNIME does offer such a node, then you do not need to worry about the drivers.


Hi Victor, thanks for the explanation.
May I know any way to confirm whether the DB is native to Knime or not? any document record this or simply from the available DB nodes themselves?

Since this changes, I would simply type the database connection node into the Node Repository search box or type “connector” to see a list of possibilities.

There is also an article that gives you a general overview.

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thanks for the info.

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