Add new column with variable value based on existing column value

Hi everyone,
I want to add new value based on existing column value.
Below table illustrates the data structure I want to achieve.

Based on the value of column “date&time diff vs previous”,
I want to add variable value into process ID column.

Can anyone help?
Many thanks in advance,


Hi @KeithinDT

See this wf switch_process_id.knwf (45.6 KB). Your are not clear about the logic that makes ProcessID switch one up, so in the RuleEngine node I assumed the value must be above a certain level. Anyway hopes this helps.

gr. Hans


Thank you Hans for your kind reply.
Allow me to explain the logic a bit more specific.

Process ID is supposed to add one up when the “Start_Time” passed over 1 hour compared to the previous column. If not, the same process ID will be given. So I calculated the time lag and saved as “date&time diff vs previous” for each line.

I was thinking about using loop to do this, but couldn’t make it.
Your wf solution gives me hint. Thank you so much!


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search for lag column. Lag label by one
then use a formula , if lable =lag-1 , 0 else 1 to create a new column
Finally search for a cumulative node ( moving aggregation) to take the running total of this new column
it should work. In case don.t please update the data sample so we can try it out

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