Add option to define column width, height (and more?)


I frequently face an issue which degrades performance / execution excellence. It happens when inspecting a table / data output. When cells contain quite long values the view automatically scales the column width to extreme lengths. Interestingly, this does not happen for the row height, though. Table navigation also becomes significantly less snappy.

When a column contains high res images, albeit being scaled down, the view and scrolling too takes a huge performance toll.

I’d like to suggest adding options in the preferences to preset the column width and height. Depending on the data, i.e. images as described above, an option to generate thumbnails – define height, width and resolution and maybe adding lazy load (like in the Java view nodes?) – would be very welcomed.

Maybe, cells with extensive data could be capped with a symbol indicating more like “… more” or “[…]” if column height and width are predefined? But that might be overkill …


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Hi @mwiegand ,
Thank you for this suggestion. We could try to investigate more on this.


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