Add Path Type to Table Creator and Test Data Generator Nodes


while extensively exploring opportunities to ensure column type persistency across various file type, I noticed neither the


do support the column type Path. I’d like to suggest to add the Path Column Type to these nodes.


This is an interesting idea, but in the case of the Table Creator, I wonder how you would construct the path from tabular information using the existing dialog?

For the Test Data Generator, wouldn’t you also need a path to start with there? I guess it could use the knime.workspace variable.

In case of the table creator I’d either decide to:

  1. KISS – Use the workflow data directory with delete upon reset by default OR
  2. Die in virtuosity – Offer options to chose the same options like in the Create Temp Folder Node especially in regards to the “Write to” options

Though for testing and value for time spend purposes the first option I believe will suffice. Guess this also answers the second, very valid, idea of yours.


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