Add rows to the right side of the first row

Hi, I am trying to do the following for my table
current version:
Column1| clumn2|column3

I want to take all the values and put them on the right side of the row 1 values as follows and make one giant line:
Column1| clumn2|column3|Column1| clumn2|column3|Column1| clumn2|column3

I would greatly appreciate any help

Hi @amirmbhd , Well, this would achieve it I think:

The only config required is this:

The chunk loop start has rows per chunk set to 1 by default, so no need to change that.


@takbb Thank you so much for your quick reply! That works perfectly! I just have one other question!

what I just asked you is a small piece in a bigger problem that I have. I have this giant dataset that I am trying split into smaller chunks based on their id and for the ones that have the same id perform what you just told me do (put everything with the same id in one long row)! I am using group loop start with only ID included and putting your loop within it but for some reason it doesn’t work. Do you happen to know what I am doing wrong here?

Hi @amirmbhd ,

I’m trying to picture what you mean here, and what your data looks like.

So you have a set of rows something like this:


and you are using IDCol as the grouping ID, so you then process within the inner loop all rows sharing the same IDCol, in an attempt to make a single long row for each value of IDCol? Does that describe it?

If so, I suspect the error you are seeing on the second loop end is

Input table’s structure differs from reference (first iteration) table: different column counts

That would occur if you have a different number of rows per IDCol as I have in my example screenshot, as the outer loop is then trying to create a single table with varying numbers of columns per row.

Configure the failing loop end as follows:

Then it will generate missing values in columns on the “shorter” rows.

If that isn’t the error you get, then please let us know what error you are seeing.


OMG @takbb You are a life saver! Thank you so much! that works perfectly. I really appreciate your time and consideration.


You are welcome @amirmbhd. Glad it worked for you, and thank you for validating the solution.

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@takbb is so good at solving issues, he solves like he invented KNIME
OMG you are too good

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Lol @ajisafeadeoye , you are too kind but I am simply standing on the shoulders of those who did invent KNIME!

There is plenty I don’t know though and we’re all here learning from each other every day.

Best regards.

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