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Hey friends;
I have a column with the months (“jan”, “feb”, etc) but I need replace or suffix to full name month (“January”, February", etc) How can I do it?
Thanks in advance!!

@MoLa_Data you could adapt one of these examples and maybe use a rule engine

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Hi @MoLa_Data, the workflow examples supplied by @mlauber71 should be adaptable to your needs (and I am flattered to have @mlauber showcase one of my workflows alongside his own! :slight_smile: )

I have also uploaded an alternative for your specific requirement, which uses some similar techniques to those in the other flows.

Rename Columns from Lookup Table.knwf (16.5 KB)


In case you’re after replacing the values in a column, not the column names:

A Rule Engine does the trick. Keep in mind that it’s case sensitive.

extend_short_month.knwf (16.4 KB)


Excuse me if I have not explained it well, but I wanted to replace the values in a colum, not the column names.

Thank you all for helping me :grin:


Hi @MoLa_Data,

Please find attached a workflow with two approaches, with Rule Engine and Joiner nodes.

Best Regards,
replace_short_month_names.knar.knwf (27.0 KB)

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