Add WAPE or WMAPE to Numeric Scorer

Hi all
I would like to add the WAPE (Weighted Absolute Percentage Error) to the results of several Numeric Scorers (5 Differents algorithms with a predection). I’m not happy with the mape in it as there are big differences between the absolute figures in the different observations. Therefore, I would like to add up all absolute errors → abs(actual - forecast) and divide it by the sum of all actuals. Is there a way to add this KPI to the standard KPIs of the Numeric Scorer so that I can add this KPI to the regular R^2 / MSE / RMSE / MAPE columns of the regular scorer?
In advance many thanks for your help!

Hi @SirMike,

Luckily, MWAPE is quite straightforward to implement with a couple of native KNIME nodes. I have built an example workflow that does exactly that:

The workflow also contains a component that you can reuse in your workflow. Just feed it a table and select the actual and forecast columns in its configuration dialog. Subsequently, you’ll can join this metric with the table from the regular scorer node…



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