Adding 2 blank columns after 4 column iterations

I have a excel file with 100’s columns in it and want to add 2 blank columns after 4 column iterations of Q1_Year, Q2_Year, Q3_Year and Q4_Year, where Year values in column will be changing.
How to do that?

Q1_Year, Q2_Year, Q3_Year and Q4_Year |2 Blank Rows| Q1_Year+1, Q2_Year+1, Q3_Year+1 and Q4_Year+1 |2 Blank Rows| … Year N

Welcome to the KNIME Forum! Doing this in column-orientation might be hard to do. What I would suggest is using the Table Transposer node (also known as simply “Transpose” before KNIME 5.0) to flip the table around. Then you can use a Chunk Loop Start with a chunk size of 4 followed by an Add Empty Rows node. You might also need to adapt the inserted RowIDs, this can be done with the RowID node. Then you close the loop with a Loop End and finally transpose again to bring the table back to the original orientation.
I hope this helps!


This worked ! Thank you very much

in regards to Version 5 you mentioned, is there an uptodate overview of what nodes are not yet implemented and other limitations? It would be very helpful to me.
edit Also mentioning nodes which have been replaced like cell replacer node

Hi @Daniel_Weikert,
All nodes are implemented and can be used in v5. Most still have their old Java-based dialogs, though, because rewriting dialogs of thousands of nodes to HTML is unfortunately no easy task. For the v5 release, we just renamed some nodes and that’s why I made the comment about the node name. Apart from that, you will not find all features of the old UI/UX in the new one yet (e.g. auto-align and auto-layout for nodes), but you can easily build complex workflows with all the nodes already.
Kind regards,


Thanks @AlexanderFillbrunn
appreciate your answer. I guess some view nodes still do not work properly? I tried ROC local and it did not return any image to me just the value in the output table

That should work. I am going to test it on Monday!

Hey @AlexanderFillbrunn

Have you tried to covert the JavaScript dialogs to HTML with GPT-4? I doubt that you would get a 100% clean presentation on all of them, but if you get to an 80% or 90% conversion it would dramatically reduce the size of the project. (This would be my 1st approach if you gave me the project)

I made a Chat GPT component that I am planning on sharing once it is dialed in a bit more. It incorporates sending code / table data along with the queries. You are welcome to it if you find Chat GPT can provide a useful HTML output.

Hi @iCFO,
Indeed I tried it briefly with ChatGPT a few weeks ago. Unfortunately it even failed to properly convert some example code for the GridBagLayout into HTML/CSS, so I did not bother trying it with real code from our repository. But maybe GPT-4 yields better results, who knows?
Kind regards

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