Adding a column with fixed string

Hi there, I have a simple question, but I cannot figure out the answer.

I would like to simply add a column to a table, and rename all values to a certain string.

For Power BI there is a way to do Gap Analysis, so I need to create a table like below:

Category Type Value
Bike Last Week 123,232.20
Bike This Week 120,320.34

In Power BI, there is a Visualisation for Gap Analysis, which requires the data to be in the above format.

At the moment I have my data like this:

Table 1 (Last week’s data)

Category Value
Bike 123,232.20

Table 2 (This week’s data)

Category Value
Bike 120,320.34

As far as I know Knime doesn’t have a Gap Analysis feature, or if it does I think it would be quite hard to use, and not as easy as Power BI.

I think I’ve found the right node, the Constant Value Column.

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Hi there!

Correct. Constant Value Column is the right node :slight_smile: