Adding a node in Modern UI, KNIME 5.1

I was just playing in KNIME 5.1, and I just wanted to give a piece of positive feedback, as I just “discovered” a feature that I think was long overdue missing in KNIME AP.

While editing a workflow in Modern UI, pressing Ctrl + period (Ctrl . ) brings up a searchable context window for adding a node.

If a node is highlighted it will even present a data or variable flow

(haha guess I ought to turn on the workflow coach too while I’m here! :wink: )

Anyway, it is also searchable so if you know the node you want, just start typing…

I’m sure its documented somewhere, but I just stumbled across it… Fantastic! That’s way better from a productivity viewpoint than having to open and select from the Node pane all the time.

Thanks guys.

Thank you @takbb for your positive feedback.

You can also have the same node suggestions by dragging and dropping the output port of a node on the canvas. :slight_smile:

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