Adding additional data source to existing workflow?

Hi all, I have been pulling data from FRED that was possible through the community’s help in this thread.

However, I need to add another data source and I would like to integrate that into the existing workflow to write on the same DB schema. Essentially, the JSON Path will be different for this new source, so I wonder if there is a way I can integrate it into the Column Filter node or not??

You can merge two data sources with the Concatenate node after both data sets have been normalized.

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What is meant by normalized?

Whenever you want to merge two data sources that are slightly different, you have to make sure that become equal to each other before you do the concatenate. Otherwise you’ll end up with a table that is not compatible. Meaning you typically use nodes like column rename, column filter, table manipulator etc. to achieve this.

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How about I treat each workflow differently and one executes after the prior one finishes? Please note that each workflow will writte to a different schema in Postgres DB. I wonder if I can connect the end node of the first workflow with the first node of the second workflow to enable the sequential workflow execution.

Connect the variable ports from the last node of part 1 to the first of part 2 and you got it sequentially


Yep, that worked. Thanks.

I think this has been a simpler solution since I do not need to worry about normalizing different sources now.

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