Adding colors to pie chart

Good evening guys, i am new to KNIME so there is alot for me to catch up on.

How to you add different colors to a pie chart ? Different colors that represents different data.
Also, could someone explain to me the difference between Sum,Average and Row Count?

Thank you so much.
Best, Levi

Hi @Leviheichou

for adding color to your graph use the Color Manager node. See for example from the KNIME hub

And little bit of topic I would suggest to avoid pie charts, because they are not so easy to “read”. See also Article: Save the pie for the dessert


Thank you for the answer. If you would avoid pie charts, what would u suggest me to use then?

(P.S. comparing thousands of data to a meeting)

Hi there @Leviheichou,

have you had any progress with your issue? If still need help can you explain a bit more what kind of data you have and what is the aim of visualizing it?

Those are different aggregation methods available to Pie Chart. Based on aggregation method percentages for pie column will be calculated. Sum will sum all values per each pie column, average will average values and row count will count number of rows. Not sure I explained it well :slight_smile:


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