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I am currently trying to add colors to cells in a table based on the value in the cell. I am trying to build a workflow with web widgets, so that the users can download the file with color from the web portal.

I came across the workflow in the link- Add Colors to Table Cells – KNIME Community Hub. And this helps to see the cells with color with table view widget.
Is there a way to save/download(using file download widget) the table as a excel file with the colors?

I also tried this workflow, but this can’t be used in the webportal, it only can be executed in local version. I tried connecting a file download widget in the end, but it doesn’t do the job.

Could you provide me with an alternative solution?

Thanks in advance,

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Hi @AkshayPrakash, welcome to the community!

You are perfectly on the right track already. There are two “modes” to distinguish, for each you’d have to do the coloring separately:

  1. Coloring the Table View - there you already found the perfect example on how this works. I’d use this for a workflow with web widgets (i.e. a DataApp)
  2. For coloring the Excel File you also found the perfect example already - just as you already figured, you can then provide the Excel File via the File Download Widget. Why can’t it be executed on a non-local environment (on a KNIME Server?)? Most likely, the Continental Extension is missing there. This is something your KNIME Server Admin can take care of.

I’m afraid there is no other solution (except for using one of the (Python, JavaScript, …) scripting nodes, which is probably going overboard) than the ones you already found.

Hope that still helps!


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