Adding data to a shared component input

Anyone know if there is a way to save data into a component that is already shared on the public hub (originally saved without data) without breaking the update links for users?

Hi @iCFO , if you upload it as the same file name to the same location, it should not change the link.

If you upload and it asks you if you want to overwrite, that’s a good sign, and it means the link will not change.

You can do some test if you want - create a dummy / test component and upload without data. Check its link. Upload the same component but with data in the same location. Use the same link to access it, and see if there is data.

Or better yet, use the that test component in a dummy / test workflow when it was saved without data. Close your workflow, and re-upload your test component with data this time. Then open your test workflow which should prompt you to update your component. After updating the component, see if you see the data



It won’t let you save over the same file location on the hub…. I will try tomorrow to see if you can delete and then save a component with the same name and maintain the same web address and KNIME update link.

That’s weird @iCFO . I’m pretty sure I’ve done this so many times and it always allowed me to overwrite the file with a new version… And that’s the idea of using a linked component, it is so that when the component is updated on source, the workflows that are using that component get updated with the new version.

If you delete the file and re-upload, you will lose the link.

And this works similarly on the hub, or locally, or on a Knime server.

Can you explain how you are uploading the component to the hub?

Hello @iCFO,

if I got you right you can not store data within shared Component.

Additionally I agree with @bruno29a regarding preserving links.


@bruno29a @ipazin

Normally my components have dummy data so I just open the hub component locally, edit it, then save it. This gives you the option to overwrite it and works perfectly.

However, since this component was saved without data the resulting errors of missing fields block me from accessing the configuration windows directly… (It gives you the option to remove the data when first uploading to the hub, but that option doesn’t seem to be accessible after that point.) I have tried disconnecting a component, editing it with dummy data present, then saving over the existing name with the data included, but it will not allow me to do it.

Right now I have to disconnect a component, edit that one with dummy data present (remembering every change) and then copy & paste new / edited nodes into the public component to update it. These changes cannot be tested in the public component prior to overwriting because of the errors from the lack of data.

If you want to see the challenge for yourselves: Just save a simple component to the public hub, but deselect the checkbox option at the bottom for including data during the process.

Any attempt to save to use “save as” or “share” to replace the public component is blocked by the message “Please select a destination workflow or workflow group”.

I don’t know if this is a corruption issue or what, but any attempt to copy and paste this shared component to my local workspace has also caused the loss / deletion of every other local workflow in that parent folder. This has occurred on several different installs, on different computers… At this point I am just going to delete the component and share it publicly again (with dummy data this time!) after some testing. It is not worth the risk of inadvertent workflow deletion.

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