Adding dialogue box to the component

Hi folks,

I have created a workflow in KNIME and stored it as component on the server. When a new user drag that component into another workflow they can see the development data set columns when no input file is connected to it.

I want my component to work like a KNIME node which does not let user open the configuration window until a file is connected to it.
I have uploaded the dialogue box which pops up when we click on KNIME configuration node without connecting it to dataset. Can I get something similar for my component

Hello @Anushka,

Unfortunately, I don’t believe this is an option for components at the time. However, I believe it would be a valid addition to our components. Thank you for bringing this up! I will bring this up to our developers and see if there is something we can do.



Could you also let me know the timeline by when this can be included?


Hi @Anushka -

We can’t promise a specific date. But be assured that the development team is notified of feature requests for future consideration.

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