Adding grand total for columns

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I am looking to add a grand total as an additional column and hoping someone can help.

I have four columns namely A, B , C & D. I want to sum all the rows horizontally and have created a new column called G. Now I also see I can achieve this by Math formula node but there is an issue because my column names are created by rule engine.

So C column can be absent in the next month because the data is not present and that would fail the math node because there is no Column C. Is there a way to handle this ?



I found this post that might help you:

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Go for the Column Aggregator node.

And be sure to check the radio button on the left dialogbox, to make sure every column in your dataset will be used to calculate the sum.

gr. Hans


Thanks this might help but sorry I should have mentioned. I have more columns than just then A, B, C & D which I don’t want in the total.

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See if this helps.


In case you have columns you don’t want to have in the total sum, place these columnnames in the left panel. The won’t be part of the calculation because of the “enforce exclusion”.

gr. Hans

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Thank you, this worked for me.

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