Adding hidden comments on nodes

Is there any way to add a comment to a node other than editing the node’s description or adding an annotation?

Something like “comment” in an excel spreadsheet which is hidden until mouse-over. I would find it very useful when returning to a workflow after not using it for some time to have my explanation of why I’ve configured a node in a certain way, rather than simply the summary of the step in the node descriptor. I don’t need this text to clutter to workflow, just to help an ageing memory when needed!


You can do something like this for components (as opposed to nodes). Create the component, and then go inside it. You can then click the pencil icon in the description pane to edit the text to include whatever you’d like.

2022-08-26 13_30_50-KNIME Analytics Platform


Thanks for the fast reply Scott. Bit of a “duh” moment when I read it - I was looking for something more complicated I guess. I’ve done this before for components/metanodes containing multiple nodes but I didn’t think to do it for a single node. I could also just include notes in the “workflow description” if there are only a couple!

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