Adding (merging) the excel file to the table in sql

Hello, dear friends and teachers
I have a series of information about 5 million items in a sql database and I want to add an excel file to it!
Is it possible for you to teach me how and with which knime nodes I can do this.

Hi @alex1368 -

I suppose it depends on the format of both your data and database. If you are just looking to concatenate data to an existing database table (or perhaps write an entirely new table to an existing database), this is fairly straightforward - you need an Excel Reader, the appropriate type of DB Connector, and a DB Writer. Something similar to this:

For more details you can check our docs on the Database Extension.


Hello my dear friend
It’s like I couldn’t understand what I meant
I have a sql table that I saved in sql server and I want to add some more information to this bank in sql server through an excel file.
Please introduce me to the related nodes

In that case you could try something like this. It’s very similar to the example linked above.

2023-07-28 13_44_49

Give it a shot and let us know if you have questions.

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