Adding milliseconds to datetime column

I have a table like so:

The BEGIN column is a double but essentially it is the number of seconds since the run started.
I would like to create a column which would simply be the sum of the RunStartTime and the BEGIN columns. The BEGIN column has a milliseconds component to it.

When I try using Date&Time Shift node, it doesn’t allow me to select the BEGIN column since it is a double.

I have to convert it to integer and only then it works like so:

Is there a way to add seconds as a decimal to the datetime column?

I would convert the BEGIN column to a duration column, then use that to do the Date&Time Shift.

  1. First use a String Manipulation node to add an “s” to the value in th e BEGIN column using the join function: join(string($BEGIN$),"s") With this, 7.43 will become 7.43s
  2. Next, use a String to Duration node to produce a time-based duration
  3. Finally, use the Date&Time Shift node to apply that duration:


This is brilliant! Thank You!

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