Adding multiple columns in a table using one node.

Hello Knime community

I have result of pivot node after preforming some calculations using different nodes. I want to add column1, column2 and column3 in new column and mean of column4 and column 5 in another new column. Is there any node which can add two new columns by performing the above said operations.

I have used different odes but all of them allow one operation at one time.


Hi @Mobihashim01 , for deriving multiple columns in a single node, your primary options are Column Expressions (part of the KNIME Expressions extension)
and Java Snippet.

Both require some level of scripting (but not much for these calculations) and can achieve what you are looking for.

Of these, the Column Expressions is arguably more user friendly.

Your use case could alternatively be easily satisfied by a pair of Math Formula nodes though so it is really down to personal preference.


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