Adding new column based on multiple other columns

Hi All,

I hope you can help me. I have a data set with 36 columns, in the columns, the cells contain either a value or “Null”. I want to create a new column “datatype” that contains the column header of the column that contains a value.

In some cases there is a value in two or more columns. In that case more new columns need to be added “datatype 2”, “datatype 3”.

I would really appreciate your help, I can’t find the correct node or combination of nodes.


Hi and welcome to the community @Bas1111,

Here you are the workflow you requested:

datatype.knwf (30.9 KB)

Feel free to ask any other questions.



Hi there @Bas1111 ,

not sure I understand what are you trying to accomplish. Is @armingrudd solution what you were looking for?


Hi @armingrudd
Thank you, this does exactly what I needed.

kind regards!


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