Adding Preceding zeros to Integer Column

I have published a component which will add preceding zeros to Integer columns. The returning column will be “String”


Hi @RiznyLafi ,

Do you need help with anything, or are you just posting that you have created a solution to this?



@ztrubow Just posting. If I can get any feedback on improving my components , it will be greatly appriciated.

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Hi @RiznyLafi

that is a really nice component! I looked a little bit into it and it shows what an expert you are! Really nice. :slight_smile:

Given that I have to admit I am sorry to tell you… “There is a node for it” :slight_smile:
The String Manipulation node does support a function for it.


Thanks for the feedback @Iris . Yes I am using this exact node inside the component. I thought a new user might have to spend some time to search for this specific solution. When I was trying to do this first time it took me some time to find the solution.
And I do lot of date format manipulation , I always thought what if there is a specific node which does this, hence the component.

okay. I think you can save a few nodes here. You can control the name of the column directly in the string manipulation node.



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