Adding rows with missing dates and 0's for Time Series Analysis

Hello,  I would like to know how to add a workflow that can fill missing days with 0"s for Time Series Analysis. For example,  the input data frame would look like this:

25/10/2017 35
29/11/2017 -5
30/11/2017 8
5/12/2017 10
6/12/2017 2

I would like to generate with KNIME a workflow that adds rows with the missing dates and 0's. 

Any help is appreciated,I have been surfing through the net with bad results :P so tyvm in advance. 

Hi Wild Burfi, 

To solve your problem first you need to detect minimum and maximum dates, convert them to flow variables and then using those variables generate date/time stamps with a Create Date&Time Range node (start and end points of the generated interval then will be minimum and maximum dates respectively, interval is 1 day ("1d"), Number of rows: Variable). Then you join the generated data with your original data and use a Rule Engine node to replace missing values with zeroes. 

Please find attached a sample workflow.