Adding Some columns into one excel sheet

Hi team,

I need some help on how can i add some selected columns from WORK EXAMPLE excel file where the sheet name was SHEET1 to the (COMMON_FILE excel file) into the sheet name: TRACKER without corrupting the format (Like colour or if that sheet contains any formulas and also if the excel file(COMMON_FILE) already had some data, )

work_example.xlsx (9.6 KB)
Common_file.xlsx (9.5 KB)
----> i need to add some columns which contains some data from one excel file to another excel file without changing any format

i am using knime 4.1.1 version

And also Please help me that i am having some data in notepad i need to add that data into the excel sheet which i am having specified template ( without changing the format, colour, or if that sheet had already having some data nothing need to be corrupted)

—> i mean if i add the data from notepad to excel sheet, inside that excel sheet nothing need to be corrupted, and also that need to be (add into user specified particular sheet)

Hi Team,

Any one please help me on this?

@Abhiram I have created a workflow that would update your cells like they would appear in your source file. The data will be entered when the column names match.

Main challenge in my opinion would be to have the right row (currently it is just in the order in the source file). Is there some sort of ID what row to write to? in this case it might be possible to detect the correct row and column.

Just as a hint: using Excel in this way might not result in a very stable environment.


Thanks for the reply,

our main goal was need to Append the column values from one excel file to another excel file without corrupting format(like if an excel contains colour or formulas or font)

i tried some other ideas in the forum, but i didn’t got any answer.

Where all the members from Forum community, is there any chance to help me on this task.

@Abhiram I would suggest you define your task again with a consistent example and a result you want to have - or you have another look at my example and see if you might adapt that (one idea could be to detect the last full row of the existing excel file and then appending the data).

The other example I could think of would involve using Python:

Hi @mlauber71,

i need the output like

consider the input file(work_example)
work_example.xlsx (9.6 KB)
which i need to copy the columns(Business Date, Feed ID,Record ID, Le Code , Exception code, ETID with their values) in that file

and then that cells need to append(Paste) into the file (Common_file)
Common_file.xlsx (9.5 KB)

without changing any format

@Abhiram I fear you still need to be more precise. On which sheet of the “Common_file.xlsx” are the values supposed to appear?

“2020 doc” or “Tracker”?

In my example I assumed “Tracker” since there already was data there but the structure would not match the data from the “work_example.xlsx” file although I narrowed it down to just the columns that were there.

What happens if there are still cells with information there. How would the rows match?

For more complicated operations you might have to use python:

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