Adding the first letter for every word to combine into a new word

Hi, i need help. i need to combine the first letter of every word to combine into a new word.
For Example, i have Final Year Project in one column and I need to add the first letter of each word to FYP into another column. I am very new to KNIME. What should I do???

Hi @EndouJasper

Welcome to the Forum. See this first_letter.knwf (19.6 KB)
It splits the column into multiple column then with the string manipulation do a substring. Finally concat all the columns together.

gr. HansS


I need it read from excel sheet so i not sure does your method is affecting the result to come out
From testing 3

Hi @EndouJasper -

In that case you just need to swap out the Table Creator for an Excel Reader (XLS) node, and point the Cell Splitter to the appropriate column. Then Hans’ workflow should take care of it.


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