Adding to an existing Excel File

I would like to simply add data to an existing Excel Spreadsheet. I have the output ready, but I don’t know how to select the place in the Excel Sheet that I would like to copy the new table to.

For example Column A, Row 8

Yes that is possible but you need Python for that

How would you tell Python to just add the new rows to the first empty row on the worksheet? I have 4 different worksheets I need to output to.

Or, is there an easier way? (I hope!)

3 of them include new data I would like to just add to the bottom of the existing data, but this would be on 3 different worksheets.

Week Summary (new week summary added to existing excel worksheet with previous weeks’ summaries)
Daily Summary (same concept as above)
Weekend Summary (same concept as above)

To determine the first empty row I would import the data and count the rows and then add one. Question is if you could just import the data and append the row with the calculations and then export it again to excel (you would lose the formats but might bring them back with the Continental nodes).

The use of Python would make sense if you would have to preserve or add special formatting to the table and have to do it on a large scale. This here is a KNIME forum so we discuss solutions with KNIME :slight_smile: and it is very powerful indeed - for some tasks VBA might also be an alternative.

@mlauber71, haha for sure! I don’t know Python so a KNIME solution would be preferred. I don’t need to keep any formatting I just need raw data appended. I will check out the Continental nodes and see what I can figure out.

Update Is there a reason why I’m not finding it in the extensions area? I don’t see Continental under the community nodes. I am running version 3.6.2

Hi there!

I think it is only available from version 3.7.

Check this out:


@ipazin, thanks! I will see if I can get version 3.7.

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